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Upcoming Auditions

Hershey Area Playhouse is holding auditions for its upcoming Christmas shows of the 2017 season.

Auditions for A Christmas Carol and A Charlie Brown Christmas will be held Friday, September 22 from 7pm-9pm and Saturday, September 23 from 4pm-9pm at Hershey Area Playhouse. Children may audition for roles in either production, however, may only be cast in one. 

 A Christmas Carol, adapted by Jim Mortimer, runs from November 30-December 10.

This show has a significant chorus which acts as narrators at times and doubles and sometimes triples to play other parts in the play. They are on stage almost the whole time and include adults and children. All the parts that you are familiar with are included: Scrooge, Ghosts, Cratchits, Fan, Belle, Fred, Fezziwigs etc. This is a large cast.

Ages 8-adult may audition. There are 8-12 roles for young children; 4-6 roles for young adults; at least 10 roles for adults.

Requirements: Everyone will be asked to read from the script at auditions, sing a Christmas carol and participate in an improv exercise.

Characters for A Christmas Carol

There are over 50 parts in the play, many which will be double/triple cast by members of the Ensemble

Ebenezer Scrooge
Bob Cratchit and Family
Fred, his wife, and guests at his party
Jacob Marley’s Ghost and three Ghosts
Young Scrooge
Fan, Scrooge’s Sister
Belle, Scrooge’s fiancée
Dick Wilkins, young Scrooge’s friend
Fezziwig, Scrooge’s employer, and Family
Businessmen + many others

A Charlie Brown Christmas By Charles Shultz runs from December 14-17.

Requirements: You must be 8-12 years old to audition.

All children will read from a script, sing a Christmas carol and participate in an improv exercise.

Download additional audition materials, including a handout and the script auditioners will be reading from.

Characters for A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown
Pig Pen

Callbacks for both shows will be held Sunday, September 24 from 3pm-6pm if needed.

Directors: Cory Wilkerson and Jill Panyard
Stage Manager: Jen Feldser

For questions about A Christmas Carol or A Charlie Brown Christmas, contact Jill Panyard: