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Hershey Area Playhouse - Second Annual Weekend of One Acts

Hershey Area Playhouse is excited to announce its second annual Weekend of One Acts to be held August 18-20th. At this time, we are seeking directors for all experiences to submit a one act they would be passionate about directing for the festival. The one act could be an original piece or a personal favorite We encourage you to submit your choice for consideration, but preference will be given to those that are half an hour or less. Submissions can be emailed to and should be submitted no later than March 15th. Please include your name, contact number, the name of the show, what drew you to it, why you want to direct it, as well as any directing experience you may have. This is a great opportunity for all those that have wanted to try directing, direct a pet project, or do not wish to make a huge time commitment for a full length show.