Hershey Area Playhouse is holding auditions for its 2019 Christmas show, The Homecoming.


Auditions will be held Friday, September 20 at 7pm and Sunday, September 22 at noon. Children are encouraged to come on Sunday at noon if possible. For actors unable to make those times, please contact the director Marcie Warner at [email protected] to schedule an appointment for Monday, September 23 beginning at 7 p.m.


NOTE TO PARENTS:  Your child's participation is dependent on your willingness to support them and the production throughout the rehearsal process and production.  You will be asked to contribute your time to ensure a safe and productive environment and a successful performance experience for all.  Also, the children cast as Spencers may need to temporarily color their hair.


Character Descriptions: (ages listed are “playing ages”)


Clay Boy Spencer – 18; Eldest son of Olivia and Clay and Narrator of the play

Olivia Spencer – mid to late 30s- early 40s; his Mother – strong and sensitive

Clay Spencer – 40s; husband of Olivia and father of 8; an honest “look ‘em in the eye” man

Matt Spencer – 16; second eldest son

Becky Spencer – 15; eldest daughter, known to cuss and stir up trouble

Mark Spencer – 13; middle son

Shirley Spencer – 11; middle daughter (described in the novel as a “Shirley Temple”)

Luke Spencer – 10; second youngest son

John Spencer – 9; youngest son

Pattie Cake Spencer – 8; youngest daughter; truly the baby of the family

Grandpa Homer – mid to late 60s; sturdy mountain folk

Grandma Ida – mid to late 60’s; Homer’s wife

Birdshot – 18-early 20s; obliging, “not-too-bright” friend of the Spencers; lives hand-to-mouth

Charlie Sneed – 35-40+; kind-hearted game poacher

City Lady – 30-50; charitable dispenser of gifts to the poor

Sheriff – 40-50; local lawman

Ike Godsey – 40-50; runs the local restaurant/pool hall/bar

Rev. Dooly – 35-50; local minister

Young “Mary” and “Joseph” – 8; briefly appear in the church’s Christmas program

Miss Emma Staples – 60+; elderly spinster and maker of “the Recipe”

Miss Etta Staples – 60+; her spinster sister (dreams of Ashley Longworth)

Directed by Marcie Warner, The Homecoming is a heartwarming family story from Earl Hamner Jr.’s novel, to the teleplay, to the stage (adapted by Christopher Sergel), the story takes place on Christmas Eve in 1933.  The Spencer family ("Walton" in the TV series) awaits the return of their father who has found scarcely available work many miles from home.  With anxious anticipation, his eight children and their mother prepare for Christmas with the uncertainty of their father and husband’s return in the midst of a winter snowstorm. The eldest son, who also narrates the tale, is sent out to find his father, encountering many of the town’s characters, as well as some revelations about them, himself, and the man for whom he is searching.  It is a perfect “get you in the mood for the holidays” experience that will be sure to please Playhouse audiences.  


Performances of The Homecoming will be held December 5-8 and 12-15, 2018 at the Playhouse.  Additional audition information is available on the Playhouse’s website,